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President's Message

CSVS President Message 2021

Dear Colleagues,

I trust that the arrival of Summer and the gradual loosening of the COVID restrictions in your part of the country have finally allowed you some well-deserved time off to spend with family and friends. Unfortunately, the challenges of COVID are here with us for a little while longer so please take care of your health and mental well-being.

Plans for our virtual meeting are well underway and I look forward to the exciting program put together by Dr. Elias. This year’s meeting will be held over two days (September 24-25th) and will feature our invited guest speaker Dr. Tara Mastracci. Dr. Mastracci is a highly accomplished vascular surgeon with an interest in complex aortic repair and is currently currently working as part of the Cardiothoracic team at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London UK.

Your Executive continues to work on your behalf to promote the interests of Vascular Surgery in Canada. Under the guidance of Dr. Varun Kapila, the Vascular Lab, Venous disease and Carotid disease guidelines are nearing completion. The Short Aneurysm Neck study is currently underway under the guidance of Dr. Gill, and Dr. Abdulrehman has some exciting projects planned using data from the Canadian VQI group.

I would encourage anyone who has not yet renewed their membership to do so and to seek out your colleagues who may not be members and encourage them to become involved. The CSVS Executive will be seeking nominations shortly for open positions for the 2021/2022 year.

So, stay safe and have a great summer. I look forward to seeing ‘you’ at our second virtual meeting in September.


Karim Alibhai MD, FRCSC, RPVI
President CSVS

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